How It Works

Please Note – These are not trained service animals
Our pets provide companionship and support, reduce stress and provide a sense of purpose to their human companions,
Although many of our dogs do have obedience training for a smooth transition into your household.

Step 1

Fill out an Application For Our Pets & Vets Program

For vets that currently live in Los Angeles county

Step 2

Our staff will contact you after the application is received to answer any questions and help with the adoption process to find you the perfect furry companion.

Step 3

After reviewing your needs, we connect you with an adoption counselor that knows all of their pets personalities and traits to find you that perfect match.

Step 4

A meet and greet with some pets that are a good match for your household, looking for that connection words can not describe…you both just know!

Best Friends Forever

Step 5

The Adoption process will be completed at the animal shelter and you can bring home your new forever furry friend.

All pets get A Thorough Medical Exam and Have Been Vaccinated, Spayed/Neutered With An ID Microchip

Thanks to our generous partners at Outta the Cagwe have many pets that are available and ready to find their forever homes.

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