"I'll Be A Good Dog"

Application for Our Pets & Vets Program

Application Pets & Vets Program

This program is open to any Veteran who lives in our area, who is capable of caring for a pet. To apply, just complete and submit the online application.

We learn about the veterans personality, wants & needs and lifestyle. This helps us to help find and present the right animals for his/her situation to choose from.

Later provide us a copy of your DD-214 and a letter from your health care provider. We then look for a dog or cat that matches the temperament and personality that compares to the Veteran’s.

Once the pet is Selected, the pet spends time in the home of one of our professional volunteers to Monitor the pet and then introduced to the veterans

Pets offer support, unconditional love, and a feeling of safety. For Veterans this can help reduce anxiety , depression and loneliness. All of the animals that are selected for this program are rescued from animal welfare organizations.

Rescue one to heal another.

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